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Several entities will be involved; the first is World Trades Food, a US based non profit organization that spearheads the programs.  The Water Security work shall be the first priority.  In the second phase of drying and exporting produce to the benefit of our suppliers, a technology company known as Dehydrify USA shall develop process equipment and system configurations; then preassemble, stage and manage logistics.  Dehydrify may also provide technical support in the installations and initial operations.

World Trades Food or other country specific subsidiaries may deploy and erect these facilities, and in cases of third-party or private ownership, Dehydrify may provide operational management to any primary stakeholder or investor.  Furthermore, at the local or regional level, agencies or groups that are interested or have their own existing programs, our operations may be implemented to benefit the producers and provide support, guidance and enhancements to the respective farming communities.  NGOs or other organizations are invited to promote, participate, and expand the programs.  In our perspective, the most desirable arrangements would be joint ventures or cooperative efforts with other groups that have similar objectives in improving smallholder farming, in which the entire set of tasks are managed collectively. 

Board of Directors

John Emenegger


Founder of World Trades Food, John has a genuine interest in changing the dynamics and economics of small scale farming and related supply chains. His background includes project management, residential and commercial construction, mineral extraction, process and energy technologies, precious metals and general fabrication.

Kelsey Emenegger


Kelsey is currently attending Washington State University pursuing majors in human resourcing, psychology and business administration.

James Manwell


Jim is the retired owner of an industrial machining and fab shop specializing in water filtration equipment used in the silicon industry, military and municipal water systems. He has a background in chemical processes, electronics, and engineering. Jim also has legal and real estate experience and was a medical specialist in the military.


Keith Putnam

Technical Consultant

Mr. Putnam is a career licensed architect, structural designer and CAD operator. Possessing a wide range of commercial and industrial construction experience, his skills shall be instrumental in planning and deployment of operations. Keith also has been involved in development of Burn Design Labs, another project that is now operating in Kenya.

Jackline Wamala

East African Research and Development

Ms. Wamala is based in Kampala Uganda, and graduated from Makerere University with a bachelor’s degree in information technology. Her background includes sales executive with Nike and other major sports brands in Uganda and UAE. Jackline has assisted the organization for over a year in preliminary assessments of resource and economic validations of the East African region.

Dennis Otieno

Program Facilitator, Photographer

Dennis is an aspiring photographer and videographer in Mombasa Kenya, and has provided a variety of "on the ground" support for the program.

Goodnews Mukadafe

West Africa Research and Development

Goodnews Mukadafe has extensive experience in various corporate environments; business construction management, estate supervision, and activities within the real estate sectors. Independently, Mr Mukadafe has provided services in project research and validation, due diligence, and oversight of third parties on behalf of his clients, and is currently Managing Director at Goldmark International Agencies Enterprises in Nigeria. His contributions particular to West African regions shall be beneficial in expansion of World Trades Food programs going forward.

Abdulwahid Hasanali

Coastal Kenya Program Coordinator

Mr Hasanali has worked in many fields including management, corporate purchasing, transportation, heavy equipment services, maintenence, and customer relations. In addition, Abdul has been instrumental in our due diligence processes in the coastal region of Kenya.

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