Value Addition

Supply chain value can be added in a variety of ways, including quality assurance and producing finished products that have demand in world markets.  Creating practical systems that advantage peak and surplus agricultural production, our research has shown that dehydration is the ideal process, and with appropriate packaging the products can have extended shelf life.  As important, opposed to large centralized operations, smaller individual facilities shall be located reasonably close to the respective farming districts to avail best results.  Particularly in rural areas, process plants may be designed to be energy independent and climate friendly.  Examples include arrays of photovoltaic and thermal solar, CHP and/or biomass.  In more advanced installations other energy solutions are possible, such as microgrid configurations where electricity is supplied to the local power grid while waste heat from generation is utilized for drying.

Further noteworthy, even though a wide variety of production and packaging technology is commonly found at larger commercial facilities, attributes that make the program unique are design, placement and operation of smaller scale plant equipment that is efficient, yet places emphasis on employing people in favor of automation.

Medium Dryer

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